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Your South County St. Louis Car Credit Answer is South County Fresh Start!

As St. Louis’ most trusted automotive family, we’re always eager to add another member to our growing family! We understand that life can sometimes be challenging, and not always go the way we plan. Whatever life throws your way shouldn’t be the end of the line for your credit.

Whether you are a new college graduate with little-to-no credit, you have bad credit from too many credit cards, you’ve declared bankruptcy or are even going through a divorce, we want to help you rebuild your credit! We can get you financed — with a Fresh Start!

Oakville, Mehlville, Concord, Affton, Lemay — your newest and best credit solution is South County Fresh Start! One of the best ways to build or rebuild your credit is with a new car purchase. No matter what state your credit is in, South County Fresh Start is your solution for getting guaranteed credit approval on your next new or used car, van, truck or SUV. South County Fresh Start has partnered with Credit Acceptance Corporation to get customers into vehicles even if they have bad credit or no credit, but have a willingness to pay.

Our location is within minutes of Interstate 270, Tesson Ferry and Lindbergh, conveniently positioned to serve St. Louis! Whether it’s a car repossession and you can’t get to work, or bankruptcy or divorce has destroyed your credit rating, South County Fresh Start is here to help!

If we have hit the nail on the head with your situation, click here to contact us today for an appointment, fill out a quick application below (no credit check required) or call (866) 739-4269 for more information.

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